The All -Ireland Cancer Liquid Biopsies Consortium (CLuB)

The All-Ireland Cancer Liquid Biopsies Consortium’s (CLuB’s) vision, as an emerging hub of excellence, is to ensure that smart science drives smart medicine by our research translating to future clinical utility. The HEA North-South Research Programme’s support would enable us to synergistically weave together the fragmented, but essential, multi-disciplinary expertise on the island of Ireland to deliver novel research on liquid biopsies that will be of societal and economic benefit to the island, while teaching and training our future scientific and clinical leaders. 

CLuB Aims

  • Establish an All-Ireland hub of excellence focussed on identifying and developing minimally invasive, cost effective, blood tests to complement, or possibly  replace, surgical biopsies for cancer diagnosis and treatment selection. Expertise and biobanks to achieve this are in place, but fragmented. 
  • Develop a critical mass of scientists, clinicians, nurses, technicians, bioinformaticians/biostatisticians, and patents advocates for success during the 4 year program and to achieve momentum and expansion for sustainability.
  • Aligned with Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and United Nationals Sustainable Development Goals, ensure that CLuB’s patient-centred cancer liquid biopsy research delivers societal and economic impact.